40% Mouth Blind Area

Morning and evening normal brushing, there are still 40% of the mouth blind area can not clean by toothbrush.

Three Mode

✔ Standard Mode

✔ Gum Protection Mode

✔ Burst Fire Mode

A thick gap makes the tooth easier to plug, need strong cleaning

Standard Mode + Standard Nozzle

Effective mouth cleaning. Go deep into your mouth to clean gaps and bacterial membranes on your teeth.

Teeth are sensitive and afraid of painful,

Gum Protection Mode + Periodontal Pocket Nozzle

Protect your gums

Suitable for gingival sensitive inflammation, periodontal disease patients or the first time to use the water flosser users

Thick greasy coating on the tongue, bad breath

Gum protection mode + The tongue coating spray nozzle

Used to clean bacteria on the coating of the tongue

Avoid forming bad breath

Occlusive gap. Stubborn stains won't wash out

Burst Fire Mode + Orthodontic nozzle

Suitable for users with tooth braces

Fine bristle brush, punch and brush combined

Clean the gap between the braces to leave no bacteria

Support 1300 pulse times per minute and feature with high effective cleaning

Built-in smart chip precision pressure control, provide a stable 0.66 mm micro pulse flow, thorough tooth gap, oral residue washed away dirt easily

360° Rotatable Nozzle

Comprehensive deep mouth, use more flexible

4 hours charge can last a long 80-day use

Battery life according to the standard model weak, once a day to try, each time using 1 tank of water calculation

IPX7 Water proof

Large-capacity water tank without frequently add water. (240ml)

Removable water tank, easy to clean

Curved handle design

Light weight and more comfortable grip

Package included

1 x W3 Pro Water Flosser Host

4 x Nozzles (Standard, Orthodontics, Tongue Scraping, Periodontal Pocket)

1 x Nozzle Storage Box (can hold 2 nozzles)

1 x User Manual

1 x Type-C Charge Cable

1 x Nozzle Storage Box

Meet FDA standards

Through the FDA food grade material safety certification, select material safety guarantee.