40% Mouth Blind Area

Morning and evening normal brushing, there are still 40% of the mouth blind area can not clean by toothbrush.

High pressure jet flow
Make Oral Cleaning So Easy

1300 times/min water jet pulse--High frequency pulse flow

The built-in only chip accurate control pressure, water pressure can reach 140PSI

Unique Voltage Stabilizing System

Control water pressure to stabilize output. Even low power can guarantee stability.

Fine focus on the water column, deep the blind area.

0.66mm Delicate water column

Accurate focusing

Massage the gums with a comfortable water jet

Promote blood circulation, strong oral

Professional standard, take care of oral personality needs
Four Mode:

✔ Soft Mode

✔ Standard Mode

✔ Gum Protection Mode

✔ Burst Fire Mode

Reservoir 4 pcs nozzles

✔ Standard

✔ Orthodontics

✔ Tongue Scraping

✔ Periodontal Pocket

Pull-out design make it portable

150ml tank volume

Fragrant Oral, Pure and Fresh experience

Carefully blend concentrated mouthwash essence. Press once to make a large bottle of mouthwash.

Meet FDA standards

Through the FDA food grade material safety certification, select material safety guarantee.