The independence and confidence that lurks beneath grace
The classic meets the modern
Elegant Dark Green

Restore the unique color of 80s Yuppie

All-Metal Body Design

✔ Aeronautical aluminium alloy

✔ Light and durable

✔ Smooth feel without fingerprints

✔ Exquisite and senior

360° Floating Fit The Face

Facing hard-to-reach dead corners such as the chin, throat, lower lip and upper lip socket, the cutting head can adjust the Angle automatically, close to the facial contour.

Double Dlade, Double Shaving Power
Stay Away From Stubble

To solve the residual residue design, the auxiliary knife to lift the soft flat beard, the main knife to cut off the beard, the real cut from the root.

Self-Grinding Blade

The blade is automatically grinding. Each shave is a grinding.

The sharper the more you used it, no need to change the head frequently.

Air Cushion Damping Technology

HThe first patented air cushion damping technology. Buffer the skin irritation from shaving. It's more comfortable after shaving.

Blade Head Floating Structure

Two Mode--Long Press To Change Power Gear

✔ Cutting Speed: 3.9 m/s

✔ Blade Rotation Speed: 3400 rpm

LED Display


✔ Switch Gears

✔ Battery Indicator

✔ Low Power Warming

✔ Beard cleaning reminder

Type-C Charge

Type-C Universal charging interface, can be charged by power bank, PC, adapter. Only need one charge cable.

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Endurance time at full charge: 60 mins

IPX7 Level Water Proof

The whole body is waterproof, washing after use is more convenient. You can shave wet or dry. Matching with shaving foam is cleaner and more comfortable.

Gift Grade Packaging
Exquisite Travel Case