Original nutritional duct design
Blow out precious hair care ingredients
Golden Collagen Nutrient Box

✔ Lock moisture, let the hair moist and smooth

✔ Repair the hair scales and brighten the hair

✔ Nourish hair core, strengthen hair root, reduce hair breakage

✔ Nourish hair, balance water and oil

Gold Nanoparticles

✔ Promote the absorption of collagen nutrients in hair

High Temperature and High Wind Mode

Quick blow-drying and styling

Hot and Cold Wind Cycle Mode

Alternate hot and cold wind, comfortable wind temperature

Moderate Gentle Wind Mode

Gentle wind, care for the scalp

Cold Temperature and High wind mode

The cold wind shrinks the hair scales

French Design Restoring Ancient Ways

✔ Elegant retro green with diamond craft

✔ Light up your elegant side

Gather Air Nozzle For Straight Hair Styling
Diffusion Air Nozzle For Floppy Hair Styling
Three Layer Air Inlet Net

Prevent inhalation of hair

Exquisite Precious Gift Box Package
A Decent, Classy Gift